The endocrinologist forms a vital part of the multi-disciplinary team managing our bariatric patients. They are part of the initial assessment and in addition to weight-loss monitoring, assist patients with metabolic management.


Pre-operatively, the endocrinologist optimises diabetes management and glycaemic control in cases of severe diabetes, to reduce surgical risk. Continued surveillance and screening of type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidaemia and hypertension is performed post-operatively. Diabetes management is essential to prevent hypo or hyperglycaemia. Nutritional deficiencies that may result from malabsorptive procedures are also addressed. In the long-term, the endocrinologist assists with reactive hypoglycaemia or metabolic bone disease in our bariatric patients.


Dr D Andreanis

Dr Despina Andreanis

Specialist Physician & Endocrinologist

Obesity Unit South Africa