A multidisciplinary approach is important for successful treatment of obesity. Various disciplines are involved in the treatment of morbidly obese patients.

Our team consists of the following members:

The head of the Unit is a Specialist General Surgeon, Dr C. Sofianos FCS (SA) General Surgery, MMed (Wits) General Surgery; He has done courses in Obesity Surgery in Belgium and Italy.
> > Bariatric Surgeon: > > Anaesthetist
> > Physician > > Radiologist
> > Cardiologist > > Dietician
> > Psychiatrist > > Physiotherapist
> > Plastic Surgeon > > Fitness/Lifestyle Consultant

The various members play a role in the different phases of the treatment:

Phase I:

Pre-operative assessment/Selection for Surgery/Pre-operative preparation

Phase II:

Surgical procedure

Phase III:

Recovery from Surgery

Phase IV:

Long term follow up

After the patient has visited our unit and having had a detailed discussion with the head of the unit who is the Surgeon (Dr C. Sofianos) the following steps
are followed:

> >

He is assessed by our Physician. All the risk factors and hormonal set up of the patient is assessed and investigated. Many times patients are referred to us after all the above have been done.

> >

The Psychiatrist assesses the psychological factors and set up of the patient.

> >

The Dietician reviews previous diets, discusses and implements new diets. Monitors the patient and assesses the success of the diet. In patients who are unsuccessful, surgery is then considered.

> >

The Cardiologist assesses the cardio-vascular system of the patient and establishes the surgical risks, which should be reversed before surgery is discussed.

> > If after all the above, the suggestion is a surgery the patient returns to the Surgeon and discusses the surgical options once again. After careful review, the type and date of surgery is established.
> > The Anaesthetist and Physiotherapist are called in to examine the patient before the surgery. The physiotherapist starts intensive exercises before the operation, while the anaesthetist assesses the anaesthetic risks and prepares the patient for surgery.
> > The surgery is done at the Bedford Gardens Hospital.
> > Long term follow-up is performed by the Surgeon and the Dietician, while activity levels are reviewed by the Fitness Consultant.
> > A Plastic Surgeon assesses the need for post-operative cosmetic surgery.