Exercise Specialist

Biokinetics refers to the maintenance of quality of life through the use of physical activity (Grenfell, 2010) and is a South African exercise therapy profession established in 1983.


Exercise is important to burn calories, get rid of excess fat, preserve and increase muscle tissue mass and protect joints. Aerobic exercise, and strength training, are both important as they assist in weight loss and control.


Exercise is an important component of the weight loss journey. Previous complications of obesity such as lower back and joint pain, may have limited range of motion and movement preoperatively. A movement or exercise plan is adopted in the early postoperative period to increase strength and tone as weight is lost. This can be scaled upwards as weight loss continues and strength improves. Moderate intensity exercise is effective for long-term control of weight and further enhances the improvements in insulin sensitivity and glycaemic control that result from bariatric surgery.


The endorphins released during exercise also promote overall wellbeing and mental health and contribute to developing the positive body image postoperatively. This, together with the improved functional ability for activities of daily living, increased flexibility and cardiorespiratory endurance all lead to increased self-reported quality of life after bariatric surgery.

Exercise Specialist

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Patricia Gouws


Obesity Unit South Africa